Treading on Python Volume 2: Intermediate Python

Treading on Python Volume 2: Intermediate Python Data di pubblicazione: 12/03/2013
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Python is easy to learn. You can learn the basics in a day and be
productive with it. But there are more advanced constructs that you
will eventually run across if you spend enough time with it. These
constructs, while not necessary per se, allow you to be more succinct,
re-use code, and think about code in a different way.

This book covers many of these intermediate constructs:

* Functional programming
* List comprehensions
* Generator expressions
* Set & dict comprehensions
* Iteration
* Generators
* Closures
* Decorators

I have taught these constructs at popular tutorials at PyCon and other
conferences. This book is based on my experience teaching and using
Python for many years. I hope you learn something while in the course
of your reading. Maybe it will help you in your next task, code
review, or job interview.