The Erotic Erotika Outdoors Collection – Hot Erotic Short Stories for those on the Go

The Erotic Erotika Outdoors Collection - Hot Erotic Short Stories for those on the Go Data di pubblicazione: 01/02/2012
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Lingua: Inglese
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This is a collection of 5 hot erotic stories in steamy and romantic outdoor situations. This is the ultimate collection for anyone who's ever had voyeurism fantasies. These stories usually sell individually for $2.99 but you get all 5 here for only $3.99 making this a great deal.

Erotika stories like this are designed for men and women. This Erotika short story is also perfect for those couples looking to re-spark the romance.

Summary of the Stories:

A Naughty Stroll in the Park

Joann and Philip had been married for ten years and their love lives were in the toilet. They still had feelings for one another but after having kids, they lost their way. They had talked about a divorce but didn’t want the kids to be in the middle of it. One day however, they take a walk in the park and find each other all over again.

And the Dirty Train Rolls On

Melinda and Ted are on their way home from making and waitressing at a pizza place, and after a week of no sex Ted can’t keep his hands off her. Julie is also going home from work and the three decide that the nearly empty train would be a good place to have some fun. Will embarrassment get the better of them or will they continue to have some fun on the red eye trip home? Who says having fun always has to be at home?

Adult Fun At the Mall

Kim was at the mall on a rainy Saturday, looking for someone to have sex with. She loved to pick up men at the mall, and that Saturday she found all kinds of new opportunities for sex there. She picks up a man and together they find their way through the mall, doing sexual deeds the whole way. Joe decides that this is the best time he has ever had at the mall.

Mountain Air Cravings

Kat and Jon are tired of the rat race they live day to day and need some time to themselves away from the city. They decide to retreat to the mountains where they can have some time to themselves. They re-kindle their love lives as well and as they progress do some things they never thought they would do.

Temptations of a Farmer’s Daughter

Nicki is the 18 year old daughter of a farmer who meets up with the new farm hand and together they experience many new things. Nicki and Jake find many places on the farm to have their summer tryst but will this summer romance last or will the farmer’s daughter go off to college and leave the farm boy at home alone?

Warning: These stories are a total of 15,000 words are intended for ADULTS ONLY! highly detailed sexual content with oral sex, intercourse and voyeurism. May be too hot to handle!