META-Health – A Revolutionary New Healing Paradigm

META-Health - A Revolutionary New Healing Paradigm Data di pubblicazione: 11/01/2012
Lunghezza stampa: 84
Lingua: Inglese
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Johannes R. Fisslinger's new book will shake your beliefs about dis-ease, health and healing. Decode your body's intelligence using the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection and the 5 major Points and Phases of Healing. Discover which specific negative emotion and stress effect which disease symptom and why awareness is the first step of bodymind health.

Learn why your outdated 19th century health beliefs may be damaging to your health and most important reset your health beliefs using META-Health.

This book lays the foundation to be META-Healthy and is a must-read if you practice META-Health Fitness, plan to consult a META-Health Specialist or want to study META-Medicine.

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