Langenscheidt Handwörterbuch: Deutsch-Englisch (Langenscheidt Handwörterbücher)

Langenscheidt Handwörterbuch: Deutsch-Englisch (Langenscheidt Handwörterbücher) Data di pubblicazione: 01/01/2013
Lunghezza stampa: 1692
Lingua: Inglese
Formato Kindle

Langenscheidt Handwörterbuch Deutsch - Englisch Kindle Edition

Round about 170.000 entries, headwords and phrases.

Benefit from more than 150 years of experience in dictionaries on your E-Reader.

Please note: Only the e-ink devices of the Kindle Series (Kindle classic, touch, Paperwhite) provide full dictionary functionalities.
Kindle Fire does not support mobipocket dictionaries.

Make Langenscheidt Handwörterbuch your standard dictionary for German. When reading simply tap on any word and the translation is shown directly above it. There is no need to switch between different apps or books.

  • phonetic transcription
  • different meanings
  • information about word forms
  • gender
  • etc.

Reading and understanding foreign languages has never been easier. Langenscheidt dictionaries help you extend your German vocabulary while reading on your Kindle.