(Kids Laugh) Best Kids Joke Book Vol. 1 Fully Illustrated (Kids-Laugh)

(Kids Laugh) Best Kids Joke Book Vol. 1 Fully Illustrated (Kids-Laugh) Data di pubblicazione: 21/08/2013
Lunghezza stampa: 63
Lingua: Inglese
Formato Kindle
KIDS BE IN A BOOK! GO TO: http://www.kids-laugh.com ! Enter a joke or riddle and if it's used we'll put your name in our next book! Leave your email and will notify you when it’s published.

Best Kids Joke Book vol. 1 authored by Jess Green and presented by "Kids - Laugh" is part of a group of Children’s books designed to entertain Kids 5-10, but we find younger and older kids enjoy them too (mom & dad will chuckle too)!

Best Kids Jokes vol.1 – is fully illustrated with over 50 pages of illustrations!

The jokes can be silly, downright corny, but are always kid appropriate. The cartoon pictures are designed to make everyone laugh.

You’ll find that kid’s spend hours reading and rereading the jokes. They will memorize and relay the jokes to friends and family. This is a great learning tool. The memorizing & telling of jokes can help with memory, self-confidence, verbal and presentation skills. What a great way to learn - laughing and having fun!

Jess Green is fast becoming a highly respected children’s author and will be bring many more books on line in the next few weeks and months. Keep an eye out for her next book coming in Sept. 2013. Find Jess at http://www.kids-laugh.com