College Girls Want To Fuck – 3 Book Series

College Girls Want To Fuck - 3 Book Series Data di pubblicazione: 17/07/2012
Lunghezza stampa: 59
Lingua: Inglese
Formato Kindle
This three part story follows three college friends as they reunite on Spring Break trip. The trio quickly pick up where they left off in college. Partying, drinking and sleeping with guys! These girls find themselves in trouble on multiple occasions and have to figure out how to get out off hard and sticky situations!

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Over 17,000 words of hot, steamy action under the sun!

Part 1- Spring Fling (A Warm Night On The Beach)
Erin, Kaitlin, and Stacy were best friends during their freshman year of college, but shortly after that they all had a falling out. The three girls decide to spend their spring break in Florida. What better way to rekindle a friendship than to go back to doing the same things that brought them together. Drinking, dancing, and guys.

Part 2- Breaking In The New Apartment
After having so much fun on Spring Break in Florida, Kaitlin decides to follow the sun and move from New York to San Diego. She convinces Stacy to help her move and join in on the trip. The two girls quickly slip back into their old antics. Drinking and guys. And this time maybe even girls.

Part 3- Private Violation
After two weeks of helping her friends find their own casual hook-ups, Stacy is on a flight home and is ready to find her own pleasure. Things heat up quickly for her, when the landlord unexpectedly comes home, catching Stacy wearing nothing but a towel...