Cleopatra’s Murder List: Her Serial Killer Crime History and True Crimes Against Women (Non-Fiction True Crime Biography Series)

Cleopatra's Murder List: Her Serial Killer Crime History and True Crimes Against Women (Non-Fiction True Crime Biography Series) Data di pubblicazione: 02/09/2013
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Cleopatra, Professional Serial Killer?

--> The Most Dangerous Woman in True Crime History

When you hear "Cleopatra," the last thing you think of is serial killers, crime history, or crimes against women. You usually think of "beauty" or "seduction" or "Egypt," but if you carefully read about Cleopatra in the vein of a crime biography, you will see she was, indeed, a female serial killer.

However, she wasn't a serial killer like, say John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy, but rather a goal driven killer like her lover Julius Caesar, or even a Saddam Hussein (or more appropriately, a Hosni Mubarak). She was a political serial killer, with a murder list for political reasons, and when you combine that with her seduction skills, she was, perhaps, the most dangerous (and fascinating) woman of all time.

My name is John Alanis, and for the past 8 years I've run a rather unique business, showing men how to attract the women they really want. Recently, I've also been showing women how to attract the men they really want, and any study of attraction leads to Cleopatra.

While my research began as purely a study of seduction, I was surprised at how bloody Cleopatra was, ordering the cold blooded murders of her rivals, even her family. What emerged was a fascinating political crime history, something Cleopatra is not usually known for. If you like reading about true crime, then the new crime non-fiction book I've just published is for you.

Also, if you're interested in learning the skill of attraction for your own purposes, there's a lot you can learn from studying Cleopatra.

Here are just a few shocking things you will discover in this new crime series:

--> How Cleopatra (a woman in her mid 20ís) seduced the most powerful man in the world... after ordering the successful murder of an almost equally powerful man

--> Cleopatra's politically motivated serial killings and other crimes against women (her murder list was long indeed)

--> How Cleopatra lured powerful men away from their powerful wives (and how you can protect yourself if the same strategy is used against you)

--> Was Cleopatra beautiful? (the answer will shock you)

--> How and why Cleopatra overreached, leading to her famous demise (her last victim in a long line of serial killings was herself)

...and much, much more. Not only is this an entertaining book for those who love true crime and crime biographies, but if you are in a relationship (or wish to be), you will pick up a few secrets about how to exert maximum control over them. Cleopatra, after all, managed to seduce and temporarily control the most powerful man in the world at the time.

To own this book is easy just click the orange buy button right now, and this entertaining political crime biography is yours. The new non fiction crime book, Cleopatra's Murder List: Her Serial Killer Crime History and True Crimes Against Women is a fascinating read.

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